Economics and management of maritime industry

  • Ilo?? punktw ECTS: 4
  • Przedmiot: Economics and management of maritime industry
  • Prowadz?cy: Dr Robert Marek
  • Ilo?? godzin: 1 tygodniowo, 15 w semestrze
  • Dzie? / godzina: Pi?tek, 9:00 – 13:00 (I po?owa semestru)

Tre?? przedmiotu:

An overview of international trade

Structure of maritime economics, Basic information on international trade. Main inflows and outflows of goods among the continentals by the sea routs. Main organization act on international trade. Main participants of the maritime industry.

Seaborne trade of containers companies

Characteristics of megacarriers; Stabilization agreements, Shipper’s associations, Open conferences, Outsiders, Micro bridge (Mini Land Bridge); Mini Land Bridge, Types of Line services, Round-the – World liner service, Network Line Service, Loop Liner Service, Load Centers.

Seaborne trade of bulk companies

Main companies of LPG, LNG and other bulk. Main directions of inflows and outflows of bulk cargo. The main forms of transportation. The situation on the bulk market.

Linter shipping, containerization and multimodalism

Consolidation of container shipping companies, Liner consortiums, Containerization system, Container flow management (CFM); Container Slot Management (CSM); Multimodalism; Port – to – Port Concept; Maritime World-Wide concept; Maritime/continental World-Wide Concept, Door – to – Door Concept. The rate of freights in container transport.

Economics, organization and principals of maritime industry

Cost structure of container transport,. Container costs, Movement costs, Costs of using standard containers, Costs and benefits the use of standard containers. Movement of containers using different logistics concepts, Financial margins in the use of standard containers, Cost-efficiency of the global container shipping network, Maritime liner shipping: market structure and competition strategies – M&A, Strategic Alliances and other forms of competition. Outsourcing as one of basic forms of cutting the costs. Example of organization of international shipping companies.

Financing ships and shipping companies

Definition of shipping finance, Forms of finance shipping companies in the world. Basic form of shipping finance. Shipping leasing, Shipping tax leasing and venture capital. Difficulties of polish maritime companies acting on the global financial markets, UE funds – transport operation, Securitization in shipping companies and public-private partnership in the maritime industry,

Financing and management of supply chain on the global market

Definition of supply chain, definition of global market; Implication between supply chain and global market; Forms of management of supply chain, Forms of financing of supply chain.




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